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Domenico Sarro Musical Cultural Association

When our Association was born and started to work in 1981,its reality was entirely different from the present situation.
There were very few holders of a  conservatoire diploma (I know they were just two).Those who were fond of classic or opera music ,not many people ,often had to go to the conservatoire in Bari for a concert.
So that a team of education volunteers laid a wager on the cultural revival of this town ,always considered for its historical heritage, the cultural beacon in the entire Hinterland and maybe ,in the past centuries ,in the whole Puglia.
Therefore, on the 11th February 1981 Benedetto Ronchi, Raffaello Piracci, Anita Infante, Giuseppe Amorese, Vincenzo Falco, Giuseppe Larato, Rosanna Risotti, Cinzia Falco, Vincenzo Soldano and others decided  to set up the Domenico Sarro Musical Association
The first President was Benedetto Ronchi, a man endowed with wide learning and great modesty and spirit of sacrifice, sightedness and perseverance, and much is due to him.

It was fixed the purposes which are contained in the charter today: to make young people approach the music, to publicize its enjoyment, never pursuing profit or party ends. Though on the one hand this last detail bred many difficulties, on the other it maybe taught us not to depend on the political moods or favour, thinking more of giving than of getting. We've always been marked by this characteristic and will be. So, with great will-power and many economical difficulties, we started our activity in Via Beltrani 8,in a building kindly left at our disposal by the Archbishop Mons. Carata. Hundreds children have passed through the ”Domenico Sarro” during this last twenty years. Some of them limited themselves to try a cultural experience, in any case forming them, and others, having talent, were able to pursue their musical career. In Trani there are many holders of a conservatoire diploma today who can be considered marked by the Sarro label. However, everyone could live moments of socialization and aggregation. Taking them away from the crowd and endowing them of the right tender-heartedness by sound solicitations, it has even been created the premises for the incompatibility with other kind of negative and dangerous experiences, preferring the way to prevention rather than the cure. It has been created during these years a cultural Humus beginning little by little to show its results. While we were striving for the young people, the involvement of the citizens with beautiful festivals was surely not neglected: the traditional Christmas Concert, Classic Music beneath the stars, several concerts in the historical town, at the Monastery of Colonna, ,all sustained by young musicians who needed the necessary audience and the possibility of performing. From year to year, the number of children and adults approaching the Association increased more and more and the festivals became more and more refined. Other musical Associations started arising and this gave us pleasure since we considered it to be a success. That was the sign making us understand we were on the right way and that what had been done was useful. Giuseppe Larato, Antonio Carrabba, Giuseppe Di Marzio, Vincenzo Soldano , Domenico Cormio, came after Benedetto Ronchi. The battle for gaining the Conservatoire started. It was organized two main meetings having as subject the reform of the conservatoires where all the Italian managers took part. The International Competition for Pianoforte “Città di Trani” was born, getting a striking success thanks to the presence, among the judges, of the best living pianists, such as: Bruno Canino, Adam Harasiewicz, Saverio Perticaroli, Marco Fumo, Maria Tipo, Lazar Bermam, Marcello Abbado, Nelson delle Vigne, Riccardo Risaliti, Constantin Boghino, Einar Nokleberg, Garcia Perfecto, conservatoire managers such as Renzi, La Porta, Volpe, Campa. The National Competition ”Giovanissmi Talenti”, the International Award “Una vita per la musica” , the Chamber Orchestra “Domenico Sarro”. With the president Mauro Spallucci we've been able to find a prestigious seat, Discanno palace , and start International Courses of Specialization for Pianoforte, and courses for Conducers, Composers of films music and tuners at the same time. The Association has recently widened its range of action venturing, in a wider way, in the cultural-artistic field, promoting courses for sommelier and theatrical formation ,organizing painting, sculpture exhibitions and beginning poetry and prose with the introducing of books. Besides it has begun a series of connections with the Altolivenza, with the Manatthan University in New York and with associations working in other European countries, partners to come for initiatives we're going to realize. In a world where the human relationships become more and more difficult and the ideals and values are less and less worth, we decided to face together this beautiful experience. It enables us to dream of a better world for our children, where it is recognized the function only culture has along with faith, that is to enrich the soul helping men to grow up in a way which is not only a material one.